Wait, Is Google Gears down? Or is Google gearing down? (Or, How not to write a headline)


This post has
nothing to do with
Google Gears.

I just ran across this WSJ.com headline that says, “Google Gears Down for Tougher Times.”

That shocked me. Why would Google shut down Google Gears, I wondered. It seems a bit core to what they’re trying to do to compete longterm with Microsoft, I thought. Obviously, I clicked through to the story to seek an understanding of why Google would shut down software that allows me to work on Google documents on my computer while I’m offline.

Ohhhh! I get it. Google gears down is what the headline writer means. As in, the entire Google enterprise is trying to figure out what big companies do during lean times — like by not hiring everyone who walks through the door with a ubber-high IQ.

OK. Got it.

Note to WSJ.com: That headline failed.