My 2008 magazine industry “predictions” revisited

Each year, I participate in Folio Magazine’s annual predictions. Last year, I punted the whole “serious prediction” thing and shared, rather, my (what I intended to be satirical) “wishful thoughts.” Here are those, and to be very clear to the humor-challenged, “joke” predictions, with, in red, what actually happened:

1. There won’t be a recession in 2008. The entire year was a recession.
2. Despite the lack of a recession, paper prices will fall. Paper prices are still increasing.
3. Magazine websites will no longer be measured by page-views, allowing (and others) to stop using pageview-inflating “slide shows.” Go check out their slide-show list of the year’s 500 best cigars.
4. Steve Jobs will make an announcement on January 15 that will change everything we think about the portable digital devices we formerly called laptops—and, therefore, the concept of eBooks and digital magazines. He was feeling under the weather and forgot to make that announcement.
5. No one in Britney Spears’ family will appear on the cover of a magazine in 2008. I’m not sure, but I think I was wrong.
6. The Titans will go 14-2 during the 2008 season. Oh, wait. That’s for another wishful thinking list I’m keeping. Wow. The Titans are 12-2. I’m a prophet.