Time out for a Titans update


Finnegan knocks stuffing
out of Hines Ward.

Back in the old days, this blog would often display my fanaticism regarding the Tennessee Titans.

But I now use my Twitter account and RexHammock.com, my “tumble log” as my primary outlets for Titans obsessiveness.

However, I had to break in here to note how great it is to read an AP story with the headline, Titans rout Steelers to earn AFC’s top seed, home-field advantage.”

I’ll confess. When it comes to the NFL and the Tennessee Titans, I’m like a kid. The chance to go scream my head off eight (or more, if they make the playoffs) Sunday afternoons a year is one of my great joys — and therapies. Despite sub-freezing weather today, it was nothing but warm and fuzzy stuff to be a Titans fan at LP Field today. (Although, I can’t believe how many Titans fans sell or give their tickets to fans of the Steelers.)

This season, and especially today, has been a gift to those of us who are Titans fans. With what’s going on in the real world, having something to cheer about couldn’t come at a better time.

Like I said, I’m a kid when it comes to these things.

Today was Christmas for me.