In 2009, why not learn how to hack your own info-flow


I know how obsessed (at Hammock, we call it “passionate“) those trying to keep up with the latest geek news can be. Boy, do I know. But if you’re going be obsessed with tech news, you have no excuse for not using technology and techniques to help you organize the firehose of information you’re obsessed over. (Note: the same technology and techniques work no matter what your passion is, however, I can forgive those whose passions don’t require them to stay online all day from knowing how to hack the info-flow).

However, there are those who believe many people obsessed with tech news don’t actually know how to use things like RSS newsreaders to organize a personal flow of technology news. How else can you explain the desire people have to continuously create what they believe will be the perfect service to aggregate for others a collection of RSS feeds from aggregation services they believe are “the best.” And so, in the images of each of their creators, we get to see more and more aggregations of aggregators — like today’s launch of a new aggregator aggregator, TechFuga.

I’m sure there’s a reason its creators felt there was a need for TechFuga — perhaps they believed that all the other meme-trackers are too bias or limiting or whatever. Again, perhaps they think that anyone who is obsessed with tech news don’t know how to reach out for different points of view by setting up a personal page on or any of dozens of “start pages.” But for whatever the reason, somewhere along the way to a future world where each one of us could customize our own unique and personal web experience, the creators of TechFuga and dozens of other such services decided people would rather not personalize the web, but have someone like them do it for us.

I appreciate all of the work they’ve done, but no thanks. At least, no thanks on aggregating tech news. Maybe if it were aggregating news about tennis or woodworking — two of my passions for which I haven’t yet “aggregated” any news-flow, but tech news? I’m trying to learn less about the latest fad, not more.
If you want to see an aggregated view of all the tech meme-trackers then try out TechFuga. However, if you actually want to use technology and not just read about it, make it one of your 2009 New Years resolutions to actually set up an RSS newsreader to aggregate what you want.