How to get the opening paragraph quote in a magazine cover story: Just comment on a blog post


Apparently (it’s all fuzzy now), a while back I added a comment on a story on in which I said glibly, “This is the craziest time ever to launch a magazine, except for all the other times.” If you’ll notice, there were some big-time publishers featured in the actual story — and all I did was add that little comment.

I was just flipping through the current issue of the Folio: magazine and was surprised to see the first sentence in the cover story was that comment.

I’ve seen my comments, blog post quotes and even Twitter “tweets” end up in magazine and newspaper articles. I’m always happy when a reporter, writer or another blogger thinks what I have to say is worth picking up and passing along.

It’s all a part of the conversation.

All it takes to be a part of it is to join in.