A Titans fan’s five stages of grief


After a disappointing, season-ending defeat, there’s a grieving process that goes like the following, during which you can almost hear the fan thinking:

Stage #1 – Denial: “It was obvious who the better team was. Really, just look at the stats. And besides, all the best players on the Ravens yesterday were former Titans.”

Stage #2 – Anger: “They need to fire Crumpler, White, Bironis, Jeff Fisher and whoever is responsible for those long lines of people trying to get into the stadium.”

Stage #3 – Bargaining: “If the NFL would replace the playoffs with a BCS-type system, then we may have been voted champions.”

Stage #4 – Depression: “I’m selling my PSLs and never going to another game. In fact, I’m never leaving this closet or getting out of this fetal position.”

Stage #5 – Acceptance: “I’m thinking if we can re-sign Haynesworth and pick up a good wide-receiver, we’ve got a good shot next year.”