It’s morning again in Allstate’s America

I don’t believe I’ve done much TV commercial reviewing here (other than during a Superbowl), but I had to comment on how great I think the current Allstate insurance ads are — the one embedded below. Dennis Haysbert’s voice is one for times like these. It is perhaps the most reassuring “commercial” voice since Hal Riney, who wrote and did the voiceover for the, “It’s morning again in America” campaign ads for Reagan’s re-election campaign in 1984 — the commercial Time magazine called the third most effective campaign ad of all time.

And now that I’ve looked at the “morning again” spot for the first time in 25 years, I’ve got to say this Allstate ad seems “inspired” by “It’s morning again” in its writing, tempo and scoring. (I assume the writer is at Leo Burnett, Allstate’s agency for 50+ years.)

The copy for the Allstate ad is sparse, but sparkles in its simplicity. I believe it’s about as good as advertising copy gets.:

was not exactly a great year to start a business.
But, that’s when Allstate opened its door.
And through the 12 Recessions since,
they’ve noticed that after the fear subsides,
a funny thing happens.

People begin enjoying the small things in life.
A home-cooked meal.
Time with loved ones.
Appreciating the things we do have.
The things we can count on.

It’s back to basics.
And the basics are good.
Protect them.
Put them…in good hands.”