My running list of post-inauguration online things that make me go “Wow!”

My decision to make public my inauguration-related “wow” bookmarking led to many nice people sending me links I would have never seen otherwise. I continued to add to the post throughout yesterday.

I will add all of these “post-Inauguration” links to that post, but I thought I’d note them in a new “post-” post, as well:

Photography: Here’s an incredible satellite photo of the National Mall. And here’s a version of the same pass-over shot that you can manipulate in order to see an even more dramatic view of how many people attended the event. As for a collection of “the best of” Inauguration day photography, it would be hard to beat “The Big Picture’s” collection, however I’m sure others will try to duplicate their efforts (as usual). As for the “most unique” photography experiment, here’s a link to the feature called “The Moment,” that “synchs” photos people took from the Mall. It appears that new photos are still being added to the massive grid that makes up the image. (Unfortunately, it requires your computer to have Microsoft Silverlight installed and that may make accessing it impossible for you.)

Stats: Google has a fascinating blog post about inauguration-related search activity that includes a line chart that displays the dramatic fall-off in the U.S. people using the service during the new President’s speech. Same thing happened on Flickr and As for video, the day set all kind of records (although it failed others.

The Speech: At Read Write Web, Marshall Kirkpatrick used to generate “tag clouds” comparing several inaugural speeches to President Obama’s. Also, at the same link, you can do a keyword search on the video of the speech using some technology from Delve.

Humor: Headlines from Obama Inauguration Speech Ruined By Incessant Jackhammering, Security Measures For The Inauguration, Inauguration Crowd Moves To White House Gates To Watch Presidency Happen, Hillary Clinton Mouthing Along To Presidential Oath, Most Frequently Heard Words In Obama’s Inauguration Speech (and more).

(More to come…)

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