Time out for a word about a hyper-local global issue – the word is ‘against’


I’m embarrassed to admit that I live in a city that is having a special election today regarding a non-issue. But I do.

Veiled in language that makes it sound harmless and perhaps to some, patriotic, the measure is a not-so-thinly-veiled exercise in hate-tinged nativism. In a state where English is already the official language, the measure’s backers have portrayed it as additional “protection” against having our city meetings conducted in Japanese (no kidding).

Fortunately, every sane individual I know, from the state’s governor and city’s mayor to every business, religious and civic leader or group I care about has come out “against” the measure.

Rather than repeat the vast arguments “against” the referendum, I’ll point you to the Nashville For All of Us website and blog, which I am happy to see is using a “Creative Commons” photo of mine in a post today encouraging people to vote.

If you live in Nashville, please take the opportunity to vote against this frivolous and harmful measure.

[Update: The measure failed after nearly 57% of Nashville voters rejected it. Yet another reason I’m a proud Nashvillian.]