Tom Peter’s TP Wire Service Ending

I’m not sure how many people subscribe to one of the finest business-related news story curation* services I know of, Tom Peter’s TP Wire Service. Unfortunately, announced on Tuesday that the service will be ending on February 2.

I just wanted to note publicly that I have appreciated the effort that went into finding fascinating or noteworthy news among the steady stream of drivel that business news can often be.

Basically, what they’ve done is bookmark, annotate and distribute via RSS news stories worth reading. You can do the same with a account or by sharing notable bookmarks via Google News Reader or, the best way, a tumble log.

As a reminder, I manage a couple of “news curation services”:

1. The News Wire which I manage with a Delicious account: You can also “follow” it via Twitter:

2. I currently consider the items I share via Google Reader to be my “curated” feed of business-related links I find of interest. You can see them here or follow them via a newsreader with this feed URL. I also do some link-sharing of a more away-from-work nature on my tumble log, However, the best place to follow everything I create or curate is by following the whole “River of Rex” at

Note: After I posted this, a groundswell of readers (okay, Aaron Pressman in a comment, below) said he wanted me to continue bookmarking magazine-related news on my account. So I will start back doing that, in addition to sharing them via Google Reader. You can find my magazine-industry related bookmarks at this URL: You can find an RSS feed of my “Pressman-optimized” magazine-industry related bookmarks at this URL:

*I use the terms “curation” or “curate” to describe what I feel I’m doing when I tag or bookmark something that I believe others will find of interest.