An observation on why following shiny new objects sometimes sucks


Here’s the deal when you’re obsessed with shiny new objects.

You obsess over them when they first come out. You kick the wheels, tear them apart and put them back together and get into long discussions with others who are obsessed with the same shiny new objects.

And then, if you’re one who blogs about shiny new objects, you write and write and write about the object until you get bored and so you move onto the next shiny new object.

Then one day about three years later, you notice people who aren’t obsessed with shiny new objects are talking about something four-or-five shiny new objects ago and you wonder: Why is everyone obsessed with this?

But then you run across something that feels so 2001ish, like the current Facebook meme called “25 Things About Me” and you get all cynical and self-possesed and start asking others obsessed with shiny new objects, Can you believe people are still doing this crap?

But then you start reading some of those “25 Things” notes written by people who don’t use words like meme and you realize that real people you never knew were so funny or poignant are sharing some incredibly funny and poignant stuff and you think to yourself, it sure is refreshing when people who don’t follow shiny new objects take over them.