HyperLincs: Celebrating Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday online


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While Presidents Day (the third Monday in February) is the official day for celebrating the birthdays of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, this year is definitely a Lincoln year. Not only did the inauguration of President Obama provide the context for a great deal of recognition and exploration of the Lincoln presidency, but next Thursday, February 12, is the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birthday and it kicks off a year-long series of exhibits and celebrations.

If you’d like to get into the spirit of the celebration, here are some of the best of the countless Lincoln Bicentennial resources I’ve seen around the Internet:

The Official Lincoln Bicentennial Website: The site contains a list of Lincoln-related exhibits planned around the country. (However, its list of events doesn’t seem as complete.) The site contains a fairly thorough list of links to Lincoln-related educational resources and points of interest.

The Library of Congress’ Abraham Lincoln Flickr Set: The Library of Congress has posted a set of photos of Abraham Lincoln on its Flickr account that features public domain images from its collection. (Disappointment: The LOC has a special Lincoln-related exhibit taking place, but other than a press release, the exhibit does not have a corresponding website. Its “Mr. Lincoln’s Virtal Library” website seems “shovel-ready” for an overhaul.) I also ran across a collection of photographs of Abraham Lincoln and his family that an individual collected and used the MediaWiki software platform to organize.

Abraham Lincoln quotations (WikiQuote.org): A comprehensive listing of quotes that can be attributed with citation to President Lincoln (as well as a listing of quotes that can’t be cited, but are often attributed to him). The entry also includes a helpful list of links to Project Gutenberg free e-book versions of many of Lincoln’s most famous speeches and writings.

U.S. National Park Service Lincoln Bicentennial Website: Longtime readers of this blog know I’m a fan of national parks so I’m glad to see they have this website that pulls together information about what’s taking place over the coming year at the many Lincoln-related parks, sites and memorials they manage.

The Gilder Lehrman Institute and iTunes U: It never fails to astonish me that so few people have clicked on that little link on the front of iTunes that will take them to iTunes U where they can download countless hours of free lectures from dozens of universities, foundations and institutions. When it comes to American history topics, I’ve found one of the best sources on iTunes U is The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. Over the past week or so, I’ve been listening to several Lincoln-related lectures they’ve posted on their outpost at iTunes U. On the Gilder Lehrman Website itself, you can see the website version of the current edition of its quarterly journal, History Now, which is a collection articles, lectures and a teachers guide called “Abraham Lincoln in His Time and Ours.”

C-SPAN’s Lincoln 200 Years Website: C-SPAN is a Lincoln-wonk’s heaven these days and this website pulls together all they are doing online and on their cable channels.

History.com/Lincoln: From the “for-profit” world, History.com and the History Channel are going all out for Lincoln’s 200th birthday, including this impressive website that features segments from lots of Lincoln-related documentaries in the History Channel’s vaults.

Have I missed anything special? Add a link in the comments.