The Oxford American survives yet again


For as long as this blog has been around (almost a decade), I’ve written about my desire to see the non-profit southern literary magazine, Oxford American survive somehow, someway.

Their troubles have nothing to do with the Internet or a bad economy: they’ve been experiencing their private version of the Great Depression ever since the Internet was two Campbell soup cans and string. They never “gave away” all their content online (perhaps they should have). And they still have no competition online. (And if someone says they do, they’re itching for a fight.)

Unfortunately, the market for the Oxford American (a winner of the National Magazine Award) has never matched its editorial brilliance. And it doesn’t help sell subscriptions or advertising when there’s always a doubt as to when and if the next issue will appear.

And if things weren’t bad enough already, in the past few months, a former operations manager was arrested for embezzling what was at the time reported to be $30,000, but now is alleged to be as much as $200,000. And a big chunk of that was owed to the IRS.

It seemed they were down for the count.

But now an anonymous fan of the magazine who is a graduate of the University of Central Arkansas where the magazine is now published, has donated $100,000 to save the magazine, according the Folio:.

As another — though less generous — fan of the magazine, I’d like to say thanks.