The Hope Train is about to pull out of the station

My post yesterday (and previous posts suggesting there’s a remote, outside, long-shot, possibility that we’re *not* headlong into an economic Apocalypse) riled* a few people who believe the role of the President should be to scare the hell out of us, because (can’t I see?) this is one of the absolute worst times ever in the history of America which I assume means right up there with the Civil War when 200,000 Union and Confederate soldiers killed each other in battle and 700,000-1,000,000+ died of disease and which I assume also means worse than during the Revolutionary War when the Colonialists had no money whatsoever, and no access to debt, so citizen Robert Morris underwrote the war with personal debt and (I’m snipping lots here) ended up being thrown in prison because he couldn’t pay his debts or when, believe me, I haven’t even started.

Anyway, I appreciate the sentiment and the need some people have to believe the new President’s role is to scare us with their perception of reality .

Rather than lecture me, some people have emailed me a link to , a satirical search engine picture dabove. It’s been around a while, but I had not seen. It’s funny. Thanks for sending me the link. You can stop now.

And for the record: I believe President Obama will begin a new rhetorical tact beginning tonight. He’s going to be more "Bill Clinton/FDR/JFK" and less Jimmy Carter. And when he does, please send the email to him, not me, with your disappointment that he’s back riding on the Hope Train.

*Note to those who don’t realize I’m over-stating the response the post got: I’m over-stating the response the post got.