Tech magazines that have shuttered

Former PC World editor and now online media journopreneur* Harry McCracken is collecting a list of no-longer in-print tech magazines on his site, Technologizer.

Here’s his current list. If you can think of some more, send them to him:

A+, Access, Amazing Computing, AmigaWorld, Ahoy, Analog, Antic, Atari Explorer, Boot (which morphed into Maximum PC), Byte, CD-ROM Today, Computer Artist, Computer Buying World, Creative Computing, Compute, Computer’s Gazette, Computer Currents, Computer Life, Computer Shopper, Computer User (still around online), Corporate Computing, Commodore, Desktop Computing, Desktop Video World, DOS World (yes, there was one!), Family Computing, Home Office Computing, Home PC, Hot CoCo, I*Way, InCider, Interface Age, Kilobaud, 80 Micro, 80-US, Handheld Computing, Info, InfoWorld (still online), Jr., Internet World, Lotus, Mac Home Journal, MacAddict (relaunched as the still-extant MacLife), MacUser, MacWeek, Maximize, Maximum Linux, MicroTimes, MIPS (later Personal Workstation), Mobile Computing, Multimedia World (originally MPC World), The Net, NetGuide, NewMedia, NeXTWorld, On, On Computing, OS/2 Professional, PC/Computing, PC Jr., PC Laptop, PC Magazine (still online), PC Resource, PC Sources, PC Tech Journal, Pen Computing, Personal Computing, Personal Publishing, Pico, Popular Computing (which was the successor to OnComputing, if I recall correctly), Portable Computing, Publish, Recreational Computing, ROM, Run, Softside, Softalk, Softalk PC, Start, SunWorld, Sync (two unrelated magazines, both unsuccessful), Time Digital (On’s earlier incarnation), The Web, Windows (originally OS/2, then Windows and OS/2), Windows Sources, and Yahoo Internet Life.

I find the list interesting, but as we say around here: magazines launch, magazines die.

It’s like the Good Book says: “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”

*Definition of Journopreneur: A person who owns a media business where he or she also is a reporter, editor, anchor or host.