What the CEO of E-Ink thinks of those who blog and use Twitter


Quote from The End of Paper? [Fortune Magazine]

“We can’t have meaningful discussions or try to solve the world’s problems using blogs and 140-character Tweets,” (E Ink CEO) Russell Wilcox says. “What we need more is calm, prudent thought – more expertise.” That is what Wilcox hopes to deliver with E Ink. “We’re not only going to save publishing,” he says, “we’re also going to save civilization.” The laugh that you might expect to come next never does. He means it.

In my opinion, Mr. Wilcox should have displayed a little more prudence and expertise in responding to whatever led to that quote.

Why would the CEO of a technology company go out of his way to use an interview with Fortune magazine to blast such a double-barreled shot in his foot: Not only does his answer reek of hubristic pomposity, it also goes out of its way to alienate those who blog or use Twitter — claiming they are incapable of calm, prudent thought and expertise.

He could have given a worse answer, I guess: He could have changed the subject and explained why he hates kittens and puppies.

Who does Mr. Wilcox think he is, Steve Jobs?

(Note: I own a Kindle that uses E-Ink.)