Why I don’t believe analysts


Here’s a quote from a Computerworld story about Amazon’s new Kindle App for the iPhone:

“The reader adds to the appeal of the iPhone platform, but it also shows that Apple clearly doesn’t think that the e-book market is important,” said (Gartner Inc. analyst) Van Baker. “Apple hasn’t gone down the e-book content acquisition road, and this makes it obvious that Apple does not want to be in the e-book distribution business.”

Really? Obvious?

Like that obvious bit of masterful analysis back when Gartner suggested Apple should quit the hardware business and license the Mac to Dell.

I’ll skip a long list of similar links to “obvious” Gartner analyses and just let this be the post I link back to on the day Apple adds eBooks to the iTunes Store — that day, and when there’s a device that’s like Rumor #3.