Rumor #3 Update


The Silicon Alley Insider is reporting on what anyone who has read this blog for a while will know is my favorite rumor of all time, something they say they’ve been calling…the “iPod touch HD”. But they’ve been calling it that since when? Last December? Long, long before that, say, last July, people were calling such a concept the “Macbook Touch.” But even long, longer before that (November, 2007), I was calling it the iPod Touchbook (see: concept illustration).

But its real name has been known by readers of this blog since September, 2006: Rumor #3. However, the first, first time such a device like this was ever mentioned here was on July 22, 2006, after Apple Insider reported on an Apple patent application filed in 2005 that was for a touch screen device, but to me, spawned my wishful thinking that something like Rumor 13 might be in the developmental pipeline.

If you wish hard enough and long enough…

(Fun sidenote: Google the phrase: Rumor #3)