The Wall Street Journal joins the Rumor-3-osphere


It’s pretty awesome to see an Apple fanboy rumor I’ve enjoyed hanging-onto since 2006 finally take the first step from the fanboy rumor-mill to the MSM-rumor mill.

Here’s a quote from the rumor echo-chamber at the Wall Street Journal:

“In the past few days, speculation has swirled that the Cupertino, Calif., company is developing a device with a touch screen that could be as big as 10 inches, for release in the second half of the year. Some people familiar with the matter say the device is a netbook, an inexpensive, shrunken notebook computer. Netbooks have been a growth segment for the PC market over the last year. Other people close to Apple, however, say the device will be more like an iPod Touch with a bigger screen that will make it easier to watch movies, play videogames, read electronic books and surf the Internet.

Wow, that last sentence sounds similar to what I noted on the fifth point this post, when I suggested that such a device will make a one-trick pony like an e-book reader a little, well, limited.

[Thanks for the headsup go to my favorite Kindle fan-man Aaron Pressman, a charter member of the Rumor-3-osphere — but he’s all facts, no rumor, when it comes to his msm-gig. ; )]