SrexSW: Greetings from Austin


For the past five years, I’ve spent a Saturday-Monday in early March here, attending the South by Southwest Festival, or as it is affectionally written on Twitter and tagged on Flickr, SXSW or SxSW. I think the really cool people type it SxSW, however, I like the more blockish SXSW.

If you talk to someone from Austin, they call the festival “South By,” as in, “Are you going to South by?” Or, as in, “I’m from Austin and I try to leave town during South-by.”

I’m probably the only person from Nashville who has been to five South-bys but has never attended a concert or musical performance. That makes me a lot like most people from Austin, it seems.

Lots of Nashville “music people” come to Austin for the big and famous “music festival” part. I looked on the “social network” of people attending South-by today and there were maybe a couple hundred people from Nashville who all seemed to be with record labels or artist agencies or lawyers. Lots and lots of lawyers. I could understand why record label people and agents would be here. I didn’t know that lawyers scouted emerging talent, however. You gotta start learning how to sue early if you’re going to be in the music business, it seems.

I come before the music part. I come to the Interactive part of SXSW, the technology part — the geek-fest part.

Typically, I post real-time notes from panels I attend at SXSW. But this year, I’ve decided to do fewer posts, but more “color commentary.”

Unfortunately, I have no idea what color commentary actually means.

So I’m just going to wing it and see what happens.

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