SrexSW: The Twitter of SXSW 2009 is Twitter


Now this is hilarious.

Daniel Terdiman at CNET wrote that Twitter users attending South by Southwest Interactive are complaining of the overload and noise caused by everyone who is attending the event using the “hastage sxsw” (#swsx) on anything they “tweet” on Twitter.

(I’m using the #sxsw tag on my Twitter quips that can be found at — or @r.)

SXSW attendees complaining about Twitter reminds me of the appearance of Louis CK on Conan where he mocks the way people will complain about anything — even the most amazing things.

As SXSW is credited with being the event where Twitter first “went viral” two years ago, it’s especially ironic to read that people attending the event are using the clichéd complaint everyone has the first moment they sign on: Do I really care that people are in an elevator? Do I really care where people are going to breakfast? etc.

Terdiman suggests that maybe the Twitter “problem” will be solved by one of the bazillion third-party services or applications or movements that want to be this year’s “Twitter of SXSWi” (which means being the “it girl” Twitter was in 2007). Of course, last year, Twitter was the Twitter of SXSW, when it was used to create a back-channel for attendees to revolt against a self-absorbed individual conducting an interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

And to the disappointment of a parade of this-year’s-Twitter-wannabes, including a company that has a person dressed up as a banana who throws dollar bills off a balcony, Twitter will likely be the Twitter of 2009 SXSWi, as well. Maybe it will be the year when Twitter started to be fixed. And I don’t mean “fixed” by creating the 5,000th startup launched to solve every problem, real or imagined, with Twitter. I mean fixed in a way that only @ev and friends can do.

Or maybe not. Maybe it will be just another year where we get to complain about Twitter while we evangelize its adoption.

As I’ve written before, I use and like Twitter. But I hate hearing about Twitter; like this morning, when I was flipping around the hotel channel selections, and came across Karl Rove giving a how to use Twitter tutorial on Fox News.

I can say with absolute certainty that in two years, whatever that banana is promoting by throwing dollar bills off a balcony will not go so main stream that Karl Rove will be giving lessons on how to use it via the Fox News Channel.

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