Garden & Gun gets another shot


When a magazine is teetering on the edge and then gets whacked by the recession of a lifetime, one can understand why it may have to close down. But the upscale southern lifestyle magazine, Garden & Gun was flying high, with circulation and advertising soaring. As several people in my office can tell you, lots of people subscribe to it — including my wife and I.

According to

“Launched in 2007, Garden & Gun carries a total circulation of 220,000, including 160,000 paid subscribers. According to Darwin, the magazine saw ad revenue soar 230 percent in 2008 compared to 2007.

Unfortunately, the majority owner of the magazine, the Charleston S.C. newspaper publishing company, Evening Post Publishers Co., decided to pull out of its five-year commitment to the venture due to economic problems related to its newspaper operation — and unrelated to the magazine.

After a couple of months that saw several interested parties look at the property, an inside group including the publisher and the Evening Post’s chairmon of the board, decided to create a new entity to acquire the publication. Obvious questions: If the Evening Post would pull out of a contract prematurely, why would its chairman be a good partner? Where is the staff? If the magazine shuttered January 31, were the employees dismissed then?