Is an eBook a book?

I think an eBook is a book, but in a Supreme Court case argued today (Tuesday), a brief discussion about guarantees given to books included a reference to whether or not there is a difference between a physical and digital version of a book — and what is likely the first mention of the brand name “Kindle” in the Supreme Court.

In a case about campaign laws and the constitutionality of certain restrictions on what type and length of political advertisements that can be used in certain campaigns, the justices brought up the topic of ebook readers, specifically the Amazon Kindle.

Here’s a quotefrom the AP report:

But if the federal government can treat a movie like a political advertisement, then why not books, the justices asked. It can, answered Stewart, “if the book contained the functional equivalent of express advocacy,” the test used in regulating broadcast, cable or satellite communication released 60 days before a general election or 30 days before a presidential primary or convention. That answer seemed to concern the justices. What about electronic books, like those used on Amazon’s Kindle reader, justices asked. Yes, Stewart said.