God, Tiger Woods is good — but the USAToday.com related topic tool isn’t

Want to read a story related to Tiger Woods winning the Arnold Palmer Invitational? USAToday.com suggests you search its archives using the word “God.” At least that’s the first suggestion on the “related-topics” search tool on this AP wire story about Tiger’s win (Later: The link now goes to a staff-written story. See screen grab below to see the original story presentation). While I do not doubt Woods has God-like abilities, in this case the related-term suggestion has nothing to do with his deification, rather it is a common example of the challenge semantics present to programs intended to automate the editing process. Obviously, the suggestion was triggered by the sentence above the related terms, in which Woods is quoted, “God, it felt good.” (Sidenote: I also think the phrase “Find more stories in:” seems oddly worded, as well. Shouldn’t it be something like: “Find more stories about:”?)