It’s April Fools Day. Don’t forget to move your gullibility up an hour


There’s something about this day that shows how amazingly willing people are to believe something that sounds sorta strange but hey, it could happen. Mostly, pranks in the tech-blogosphere are harmless and tend to be focused on inside jokes that satirize the pompous or the clichéd. Some highly visible people (like TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington) have been the butt of so many April Fool blog posts in the past, they’ve chosen to get out in front of the day and prank themselves. Wikipedia, always has an alternative April Fools Day Main Page on this day. But, then, everyday is April Fools Day all over Wikipedia.

Typically, I use this day to rant about how un-funny April Fools Day is on the blogosphere, but even a little humor is better than no humor during a year like this. So no ranting from me this year. Yuck it up, people.

One last observation, however: April Fools Day is to bloggers who aren’t regularly funny what New Years Eve is to people who aren’t regularly drinkers. A little bit goes a long way. It would be better if someone took away their car keys but since they didn’t, lets all pray there’s not a car wreck.

Here are some websites that are tracking today’s fun, near-fun and car-wrecks:


Typically, there’s a Wikipedia page that tracks pranks, but I can’t locate one today. Is that a prank?

The Guardian rounds up some pranks, including a Twitter-related one of its own.’s best digital media April Fool’s spoofs

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