Danny Sullivan’s response to the maggots* who run newspapers

When it comes to truly understanding and interpreting the role of search (especially Google) in how we use the web, my go-to source for understanding is Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land. Today, he has let loose some inner-Howard Beale on the remarkably revealing mis-understanding of Google by newspaper titans. I highly recommend you read Danny’s post on his personal blog this morning titled, “Google’s Love For Newspapers & How Little They Appreciate It .”

During the past 24 hours, those of us who keep up with such things have heard some rather amazingly late 1990s-ish accusations hurled at Google by “AP executives” and, especially, the editor of the Wall Street Journal who called Google and other search engines “parasites and tech tapeworms in the intestines of the Internet.”

Danny’s response to such weirdness is “enough said.”

*Danny didn’t call newspaper executives ‘maggots.’ That’s my satiric reference to the WSJ’s editor’s labeling of search engines as “parasites and tech tapeworms.” I don’t believe newspaper executives are maggots, however, I do believe they (not Google or free-loading readers) are responsible for the problems they now face.