My first-ever post about a Portugese Water Dog


John’s daughter and Winston

John Lavey, the president and coo of Hammock Inc., is a member of a family that includes a Portugese Water Dog. He has some hilarious Porty-family-to-Porty-family advice for the Obamas.

“It’s a dog that will attach to its primary caregiver. In my house, that’s my wife. Winston needs to know exactly where she is at all times. When Hannah e-mailed me earlier this year to renew that chip he has implanted under his skin, I balked at paying the $10. If Winston, who stays approximately within a 7-foot radius of my wife at all times, is missing, we’ve got bigger problems than a missing dog. It becomes a missing persons case. So, who’s the attached human going to be? Sasha, Malia, the First Lady or Mr. President?

Good news. The dogs aren’t chewers. Bad news, they are swallowers. Socks, underwear, dead squirrels, boxes of needles (true story, this happened to Winston’s mother). You have to be hyper vigilant, especially when they are younger than three years old. Nothing of great historical value to our country small enough to be swallowed by a dog should be left sitting out. Seriously. And whatever they swallow will end up on your front lawn, or pooled up at the bottom of the stairs with their dinner.

There’s more here.