7 reasons to use Twitter (that I wrote before there was such a thing as Twitter)

A few years ago, I wrote a post that included an accidental list of seven recommendations about blogging. I just ran across it and decided if the words blog and blogging were changed to refer to Twitter, it could be another accidental list:

1. Don’t apply mass-media metrics (number of followers) in measuring the success of your personal or business use of Twitter.

2. Don’t let any third-party Twitter metric application — and I’m not referring to a specific application as I can’t keep up with them — define your authority or popularity or pecking order.

3. Start using Twitter for the same reasons you have a telephone or email: You need a means to join in a conversation.

4. Start using Twitter so you can easily post messages and point to photos and other digital files accessible by anyone on the web — or by only a private group of people who you allow to follow you on Twitter if you decide to “control” who sees your Twitter updates (i.e., your employees or members of your family).

5. If you run a business, start using Twitter because one day, I promise, you will be glad you have a place to respond when the conversation is about you.

6. Use Twitter because there are two or three people who actually matter in your life or work, or who share your passion for a particular topic.

7. Use Twitter because once or twice a day, you see an article or joke or something that today you forward by email to a group of people. (Hint: stop emailing them, post the link on Twitter and tell your friends your Twitter username.)

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