Ads on the cover vs. ads on the home page

I first started writing last January about the incredible Apple ads that appear on the front of and, at least in the past, I think they are great ads, but as I have said as soon as they started appearing, I am struck by the irony of these extravagant ads taking over the front of such news sites when, if anything remotely commercial ever appears on the cover of a magazine, the New York Times inevitably runs an article like this one that reports, “Recent issues of Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Time, People, ESPN the Magazine, Scholastic Parent & Child and other magazines have woven in advertisers in new ways, some going as far as putting ads on their covers.” (Or this one that says about the same thing.)

Oh well, such is life. Anyway, for a front page cover story ad that puts to shame any advertisement ever to appear anywhere close to the cover of a magazine, enjoy this:

For a previous “front page” ad that looks even more woven into the editorial, see this one from September 19, 2008.