Creativity inside the boxes


There are several reasons I love what photographer Peter Norby did on his Flickr account the other day. If you are viewing it as I am seeing it (on the morning of April 29) all 12 photos appearing on the front page of his account make up a mosaic celebrating a major accomplishment in the lives of his two children.

The first reason I love this: I’m a long time, avid user of Flickr and enjoy the way in which people are constantly coming up with ways to use its features and functions in new and unique ways. I not only find myself being awed by the beauty or skill displayed in the photography people share, but by the way in which they tag them, group them or find ways to build communities around different types of photos. But then, someone like Peter comes along and does something totally different (or, at least to me, totally different — others have done it) and I am awed in a completely new way. On the page, there are layers of artistic expression that perhaps only a geek into photography might appreciate about what Peter has done, but since that describes me, well, that’s the first reason I love it.

The second reason I love this: In my family, we have celebrated the exact same events many years ago (about 12, if my math is correct). “Suzuki” families appreciate the significance of what “a book recital” means — many months of practice, typically a year in the early books, can go into it. I know the pride (and relief) that a parent (and Suzuki “coach”) feels — and that are uniquely expressed on Peter’s Flickr page today. That it brought back such pleasant memories is the second reason I love it.