Dead pool dead pool

As I’ve written before, schadenfreude “dead pool” websites* are something I’ve never quite understood. Sure, sure — I get dark comedy as a coping mechanism and I, too, am amused by the comeuppance of an over-the-top egotist: there can never be too many Donald Trump failure stories for me.

But maintaining a blog with the single focus of attempting witty posts about news regarding companies, projects, products, departments shuttering and people losing their jobs — that’s got to be one of the least compelling reasons for starting a blog I can think of.

I’ve always suspected that readers also grow tired quickly of such dispiriting morosity. And guess what, they do. At least the ones who were visiting a website called the Magazine Death Pool. (Sorry, no link-love from me on this post.)

From its dramatic fall-off in readership (see chart above) during the past few months, I’m guessing it should be heading into a pool itself, soon.

I trust they’ll find their ending full of laughs.

*I’m referring to sites inspired by F**, not to sites that make predictions about the mortality of celebrities.