links for 2009-05-23

  • Column by David Carr. Quote: In the context of contemporary publishing economics, the redesign of a large, general-interest magazine is a bit of a “deck chairs” moment — no matter how much you fluff the topside of the boat, the hull is going to continue to fill with water.
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  • Gist: In order to cut the $21,000 per issue costs, Meredith College officials considered suspending the school's three-times per year alumni magazine. After analysis, they realized each issue generated almost $80,000 in donations, so they decided it was not prudent to stop publishing the magazine. My observation: Here's advice worth $59,000 to Meredith College: Go quarterly.
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  • Gist: The NY Times has a story about the importance to the bottom line of who appears on the cover of People magazine — and, amazingly, it doesn't have the famous Richard Stolley (fouding editor of People) quote — "Young is better than old. Pretty is better than ugly. Rich is better than poor. TV is better than music. Music is better than movies. Movies are better than sports. Anything is better than politics. (and, he later added) Nothing is better than the celebrity dead.”
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  • Good tutorial. I'll be doing more with this later.
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  • How do we analyze risks, and why are we sometimes so bad at it?
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