Twitter has top-ticked*


(A catch-up post after a week of travel.)

When I saw that Twitter was on the cover of Time, I couldn’t help but remember a long, long ago post on this blog where I linked to a quote from Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard:

“At Forbes we like to say that when a story appears on the cover of Time of Newsweek, it is “top-ticked.” Which means, if Time or Newsweek declares a new trend, the trend has peaked. If Time or Newsweek loves a hot stock, sell.”

I should point out that the context of the quote was a 2005 post in which Karlgaard was pointing out that during a week in which Time and Newsweek both declared the Bush presidency “dead,” his popularity had risen. Of course, we now know that the “top-tick” rule didn’t work that go ’round — and in the end, the dead presidency didn’t rise.

*The title of this post in a homage to my friend Steve Rubel who declared with amazing accuracy the exact moment that Twitter peaked back in March, or, a few tens of millions of users ago.