Help convert someone this week


When I first saw the photo of people hugging in celebration of getting their TV digital converter box connected, I felt the threshold for joy has fallen rather considerably. If only three million people are left who haven’t gotten their rabbit ears ready for the conversion in six days, what’s the problem? Then I read the story.

Most of those remaining people are the folks who are least able to understand what is taking place and the least able to figure out how to do the conversion for themselves — the elderly poor. They don’t have cable — and, likely, their TV is an important connection to the world for them. With that thought, the photo of AmeriCorps volunteers sharing an embrace with someone they’ve helped connect a conversion box seems appropriately joyful.

According to the article, volunteer organizations, civil rights groups and even firefighters have joined in the effort to get the last people connected to converter boxes.

I’m thinking that church congregations tomorrow should ask around to see if any of their older, less fortunate members are connected. If not, perhaps a quick and informal volunteer “faith-based” effort to help out some older church members might be in order.

The government site set up to provide information is

That site links to a page where you can get local resources.