It’s another one of those Apple, blah-blah, Apple, blah-blah days

I wonder sometimes what real people must think of the months of anticipation and the endless rumor-parade that precedes a day like today. What is today? Wow. If you are wondering what I’m talking about, then consider yourself lucky. You have not wasted hours or days of your life keeping up with the fluff and silliness that takes place in the Apple fan-boy* universe as the Apple-obsessed get all lathered up for a big announcement event.

Today, the announcement event takes place at the WWDC, an acronym for Worldwide Developers Conference but, to be honest, to me it sounds more like an acronym for one of those “What would Jesus do?” bracelet knock-offs.

Last year — and everyone assumes, this year, also — “the announcement event” will be limited to news about the next generation of iPhones that will likely (and by likely, I mean “certainly”) hit the shelves of Apple and AT&T stores in a few weeks.

You could surf around and read all the predictions, but John Gruber tends to be the most rational and plugged-in of the prognosticators, so if you’re not a fan-boy, but actually are curious, I suggest clicking there.

As for me, there are only a couple of announcements that could genuinely excite me (although I’ll likely be upgrading, no matter what — it’s just a bad habit):

1. I think video is more than a done deal, so that’s a “discounted” prediction — however, if there’s a camera pointed towards the user (thus enabling iphone-based video chat), it would be one of those long-promised sci-fi features I think I’d find Dick Tracy enough to get excited about. (No doubt, there are other mobile phones that do this, but, well, they aren’t an iPhone, so does it really matter?)

2. Anyone who reads this blog with any regularity should know by now what the only other announcement that will get me stoked. Here’s how Gruber addresses that rumor:

“The Tablet: I’m completely convinced that the tablet is real. But I am almost just as convinced that it is not ready to be announced. Patience on this one.”

Okay, Jon. I’ll be patient.

*The term “fan-boy” is not limited to one gender.