I’m not vain, I’m just forgetful: Why I grabbed facebook.com/rexhammock


For the same reason Marshall Kirkpatrick and Chris Messina and many others who wrote on the topic don’t need a Facebook vanity URL, neither do I. However, that didn’t stop me from registering facebook.com/rexhammock (facebook.com/rex.hammock also works) when the service opened up the floodgates to the vain on Friday night.

I agree with those who believe online identity should be under the control of a person (it cost $8 to register a personal URL) and not be managed within the “namespace” of some big company’s URL. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, there is a post coming sometime soon that will explain what I mean in simple language.)

However, “vanity” is not the only reason to register a name on a web application. For me, “memory” is the reason I try to get my usernames and application-specific URLs as uniform as possible. You’ll find me at “/rexhammock” almost everywhere. There are two exceptions, however: Twitter, where my vanity is displayed in over-the-top fashion with @r.

The other place I don’t have “/rexhammock” in the URL is here on this blog.

Because I started blogging before there were any books on the topic, I had no idea it would become the hub of so much of who I am and what I do. As this blog is not really about anything, I’m okay with it not having a descriptive “brand” like “My Musings” (apologies if that’s the name of your blog) or something.

But it’s rather amusing to be at a conference and someone say, “Oh, you’re Rex Blog.” I always say, “yes,” but I’m thinking, why didn’t I think to use the URL RexHammock way back when I started blogging. Or maybe I should just change my last name.