E Ink Update: Trying to raise the value of saving civilization


A few weeks ago, I suggested that the sale of E Ink to the Taiwanese company Prime View International (PVI) for $200 million — the reported figure then — didn’t seem like a very good ROI on the $150 million the company had raised over the past 12 years — especially for a company that the CEO was claiming is “saving civilization.”

I just noticed that Xconomy Boston is reporting that some of the 100 separate shareholders of the privately-held company are in agreement with my assessment (however, I feel certain it has nothing to do with my previous post) that the ROI on their investment is rather puny — especially since the company’s technology is one of the key components of the Amazon Kindle (and they are saving civilization).


“Shareholder discontent about the proposed sale surfaced Saturday in an article by Boston Globe reporter Robert Weisman. That article focused on concerns about the $215 million bid offered by PVI, which some shareholders reportedly believe is too low, given new estimates that the MIT spinoff’s revenue from e-paper sales, which are soaring thanks to the popularity of Amazon’s Kindle e-book devices, could top $110 million this year.”