A little embedable light reading from Google Books

Earlier today, Google launched a redesigned interface on Google Books and added an “embed” feature (click on “Link”). Below, I’ve embedded Tolstoy’s War and Peace to give you something to read while waiting for my next post. Actually, I think it’s just a “preview” of War & Peace, but I’m not sure since I only read the first 1,000 pages while posting this. (Or, here’s where you can download a PDF of it.) However, another approach to “reading” the book could be downloading the new Cliffsnotes iPhone App of War & Peace when they add the title to their new collection. By the way, there are two different 99¢ apps that have the full text of the book for you iPhone reading pleasure.

Cool feature: If you want to embed a book and have it displayed first on a specific page, go to that page before selecting the embed code. That’s a little like being able to manipulated the timestamp on links to YouTube.

via/more: The Inside Google Book Search blog.