Airing Nashville geek laundry

If you’re in the Nashville “geek” community or would like to see a debate over whether or not Nashville even has a geek community, check out the comment thread on this Venture Nashville blog post (the blog is part of Milt Capp’s

The “conversation” all started in a typical way: a well-known and respected Nashville unix administrator turned entrepreneur gets $2 million funding from a west coast venture fund for his startup, and moves to Portland — the one in Oregon, not Tennessee. Actually, there’s nothing remotely typical about that story.

Anyway, some parting observations he made about the geek scene (or lack thereof) in Nashville proves that diplomacy isn’t required to be an incredible unix developer — but the conversation it kicked off is a great one to continue (as I think I’ve heard a version of it for over a decade).

Frankly, I’m glad when people from Nashville go anywhere to do anything.