The 9 Steps of a Political Scandal

Les Jones wonders if Le’Affaire Sanford will follow my “10 Steps of Political Scandals” from April 28, 2007. If you don’t remember the steps (I didn’t), here they are (except there are only nine because I mis-counted). Just fill in the blank with discretions like “shoplifts,” “takes drugs,” or “gets caught in bed with a dead girl or live boy”* :

1. Politician _______s.
2. Rumors circulate that politician ________s.
3. Politician denies rumors.
4. Politician caught _____ing.
5. Politician says, “I did not _____, it was a misunderstanding.”
6. Politician blames media and bloggers.
7. Past partners, victims or witnesses show up to prove politician _______s all the time.
8. Politician admits he’s __________ed.
9. Politician apologizes to his family and to those who trusted him, blames it on alcohol and enters rehab.


*Famous quote of former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards, an expert in political scandals.