It’s not a job, it’s an adventure


One of those intangibles about working on a magazine — an intangalbe that one doesn’t often experience when working primarily on the web — is a sense that something can have a beginning, a middle and an end — and then it starts all over again. But sometimes, those of us who are immersed in producing magazines all the time forget the joy of the process — admittedly, it’s hard to be reflective while you’re actually in the process.

But will give you a jolt of magazine-work adrenaline as it chronicles the efforts of an all volunteer team of aspiring European magaziners who created a fashion-lifestyle magazine — from concept to late-night-party, from nothing to press-ready — in, uh, 24 hours. (Here’s a PDF of the magazine.)

Especially impressive on the website are all the ways in which the team documented and shared the process. Lot’s to learn from this, especially for jaded magazine people who think producing an issue of a magazine is just a job. Share the process.

(Sidenote: Come to think of it, sharing the process is a lot of what we try to do all over our company website,