links for 2009-07-06

  • Quote: Time Inc. has a major campaign set to go once it feels the service is up to par, with plans that include a word-of-mouth campaign, a wider direct-mail and e-mail promotion and some more banner ads.
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  • Gist: My friend and fellow-Rex, Rex Sorgatz writes his longest post ever (typically, his "posts" are a sentence or two long) to announce the launch of, a project he's been working on.
  • My take on this column by David Carr: Columns about Steve Jobs liver seem so two-weeks ago. Also, when a writer's first sentence contains a factual error anyone even remotely familiar with Apple would know, it doesn't give the reader much faith in the writer's grasp of the facts related to what he's writing about.
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  • Gist: The story's about Vogue and is, frankly, not that interesting — I just wanted to write that subject line.
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