links for 2009-07-14

  • It's a little like's Skimmer [], but only just a little. It's more like a page filled with headline widgets from each section, something you could set up yourself in iGoogle in about five minutes. (via:
  • Gist: The journalistic models that will excel in the next few years will rely on new forms of creation, some of which will be done by professionals, some by amateurs, some by crowds, and some by machines. [via Rex Sorgatz (, who has this to say about Shirky: "Shirky's voice during this wacky moment in media history is that it is neither conservative publisher crying about the existence of Google/Craigslist nor celebratory I-Told-You-So squealing. You don't get the sense that he's trying to make "a brand" out of his prognosis. It's just reasoned, pragmatic thinking."]
  • Gist: There is no search war — Google won it about five years ago. Quote: "The heart of Microsoft's problem here: Search isn't broken."
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  • Gist & Quote: "if you think you're in the business of selling 'content,' you are probably wrong."