Time out for a shout-out congratulations to my colleagues


I try not to use this blog for shameless self-promotional purposes (granted, there are those who might argue the entire blog is such), however, this morning I’d like to send a shout-out to some colleagues and clients.

Last night, national awards were given out by the American Society of Business Publications Editors. As one might guess, these awards are for editorial quality in business-to-business magazines. Like in the Olympics, the organization gives out “Gold” awards as the top prize.

Large-magazine (over 80,000 circulation) winners of gold editorial awards included: American Medical News, Automotive News, Big Builder, Builder, BusinessWeek, Civil Engineering, Computerworld, Exhibitor, Heavy Duty Trucking, IEEE Spectrum, Lawn & Landscape, MyBusiness, Overdrive, PC World, Physicians Practice, Professional Builder, The Progressive Farmer, Realtor, Remodeling, and SHRM Conference Daily.

Again, these are business-to-business magazines, so you may not have heard of some of them.

However, the magazine called MyBusiness Magazine is very familiar to me, as Hammock Inc. publishes it for and with NFIB, the National Federation of Independent Business. Winning for the Best Regular Department category was MyBusiness Manual, a section of the magazine that has, over the years, won a wide variety of national awards.

I just wanted to congratulate a lot of friends at Hammock and NFIB who work so hard to continuously produce such a helpful, informative and winning magazine.

(Now back to the regular self-promotional stuff.)