Moon Day greetings, earthlings


I ran across a few interesting Apollo 11-related activities over the weekend.

1. The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library has a site called “We Choose the Moon” that is rebroadcasting exactly 40 years later to the second, the NASA communication between Houston (CAPCOM) and the Spacecraft and the Lunar Module (the Eagle). If you can’t hear the message, you can follow them via Twitter: Houston Command Center: @ap11_capcom; the spacecraft: @AP11_SPACECRAFT; and the lunar module, @AP11_EAGLE.

2. On a slightly different beat, Turner Classic Movies is airing 12 hours of moon-related science fiction films (including a Three Stooges one) from the 50s and 60s all through today (a remote TiVo sure would be helpful). And then, tonight, shifting gears a bit, they will be running the documentary, “For All Mankind,” one of the most impressive documentaries ever on the topic of space exploration. And then a 9 (8 central), they are airing one of my favorite all time movies, “The Right Stuff.”

3. Of course, all of the networks will be running news specials, including reenactments and replays of their own coverage of the first ever moon landing and moon walk.

On of the coolest things about this 40th anniversary of the moon landing is that one of the two men who made the voyage, Buzz Aldrin is actively using Twitter.

More: I forgot to link to this incredible selection of photos posted last week onf’s The Big Picture.

Later: Google Earth has added a moon feature that allows you to jump around where the astronauts did. More about the feature can be found on the Google Lat-Long Blog. Here’s a video explaining it: