Dear Nissan USA, My offer still stands


The Nissan LEAF battery powered vehicle.

Today, Nissan unveiled its all electric vehicle (EV) that it is branding the Nissan LEAF. The battery-powered car (this is not a hybrid) will have a fully charged range of 100 miles. While the car and battery will eventually be manufactured in the Nashville area, the first LEAFs available in the US was be imported from Japan starting late in 2010. (Nissan USA has its headquarters and major manufacturing facilities in the Nashville area.)

As close readers of this blog know, on July 12, I wrote here that I would like to purchase one of these vehicles when they are available in the U.S. As the company has already announced that Tennessee will be among the first U.S. locations where the car will roll out, I am continuing today with my campaign to let this blog be among the first non-automotive media to cover the vehicle. And just to reiterate what I wrote last month, this is not a request to try out the car or get any type of sponsorship. I want to purchase the car. My only request is that I be allowed to purchase one of the first production units for sale in the U.S. I would also like to, at my own expense, travel to Japan to see the first Nissan EVs roll off the assembly line. As of yet, no one from Nissan has contacted me.

First comment: I will use the car for work-related city driving that will average around 15 miles per day. The model I purchase won’t be the color of the model above, although it might appeal to some other Tennessee Titans fans.

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