Maybe an RSS reader is better than FriendFeed after all

The other day, on a post about the acquisition of FriendFeed by Facebook, I pointed back at a post I wrote in October, 2007 in which I wrote, “I already have a friend feed – it’s called an RSS newsreader.” I suggested in my post about the acquistion that I was obviously wrong in my earlier take on FriendFeed.

Today, there’s some blog chatter concerning the realization that new features on Google Reader (Could Google Reader Become the Next Friendfeed?) are making it a lot like FriendFeed. So I take it back: maybe I wasn’t wrong.

Sidenote: I’m now a fan of FriendFeed, but Google Reader is the place I live. It’s not only my browser start page — it’s pretty much my browser middle page and end page, also. Oddly, whenever I speak to groups of real people (individuals not obsessed with geekitude) I always ask how many of them use Google Reader (I’ve quit saying RSS Reader). None do. Only a small percentage of them even use iGoogle. Frankly, I don’t understand how someone can cope with all this stuff that bombards us everyday if they didn’t have the internet organized with a news reader. If you’re reading this and don’t use Google Reader, spend a little time setting it up and using it a little each day to make the web come to you — rather than you going to it. Within a week, you’ll be thanking me for saving you lots of time. Or “cussing” me because you’ve discovered some incredible new feeds to follow.