Panel proposals you missed on the SXSW Panel Picker


As there are 2,221 proposals on the “Panel Picker” for next March’s South by Southwest Interactive Festival, perhaps you’ve missed these:

We Just Saw Robert Scoble: A panel of SXSW attendees who just saw Robert Scoble share their thoughts on seeing Robert Scoble.

SXSW Was Better Before You Started Coming: A panel of people who have attended at least one previous SXSW complain about how this year’s SXSW has gotten too big.

The Elephant in the Room: Zoo-keepers from the Austin Zoo bring an elephant into the room.

Malcolm Gladwell’s hair: University of Minnesota Graduate School of Hair Design students discuss the findings of a new national survey.

Zapping Zappos: Zappos employees display how customer centric they are by allowing people in the audience to taser them.

Square or Round? Presentation experts discuss the best shape for Power Point bullet points.

Hacking the Panel Picker: New strategies for gaming the SXSW panel selection process.

That’s why I’m up here and you’re down there: A panel of tech experts ask for comments from the audience and after each comment scream, “That’s why I’m up here and you’re down there.”

You Just Don’t Get it: Panel of AP executives discuss why they should get a cut of SXSW registration fees.

What happened to Steve Jobs’ old liver? A panel of Apple rumor bloggers and securities analysts discuss what they’ve heard from supply chain partners in China.