The unprecedented post in which I praise both the AP and Gannett


Southeastern Conference Twitter
policy inspiration.

Those who read this blog with any regularity know that I am not a fan of the management (not the reporters and editors) of AP or the media company,

Today, I’d like to give some shout-out praise for Gannett and AP refusing to sign the ridiculous and likely illegal credentialing policy that the Southeastern Conference issued last week. According to E&P, both Gannett and AP will not agree to the limits the SEC tried to impose on them regarding web video and audio use, photo displays, and blogging.

Somewhere (I think it may have been WKRN’s I commented that I believed any media company who agreed to sign the SEC’s policy were weasels. I’m glad to see that some of them are standing up to the policy the SEC is borrowing from the government of Iran.