I’m too lazy to explain this


As I’ve written many times before, I’ve grown weary of trying to evangelize the time-saving, productivity merits of using a service like Google Reader. More than that, I’ve learned how much it scares people to hear the initials RSS (despite the reality that it powers features throughout the web services you’ve come to depend on). So, I’m not going to mention (because they don’t) that Lazyfeed is an RSS reader. So, you didn’t hear that from me. I suggest you register and check it out — it’s a creative new way to skin a cat (or something like that). I’m not going to give any instructions on how to use it — if you can’t figure that out, you’ll have to wait for a future startup called “Lazier than Lazyfeed” to develop a service for you. (However, if you have four minutes, here’s their video explanation of what Lazyfeed is and does.)